AA       Ann, can you scribe while I facilitate the next bit? Stretches upwards.

AB       Of course. Just let me know if you need to sit down at any point. Writes ‘sit down’ on the whiteboard.

AA    Sit down?

AB    For your back.

AA       My back is absolutely fine. Pause Let’s take a minute to get some clarity on what we’re doing here today.

AB       from the back It is, of course, a performance.

AA       irritated A workshop. A performance workshop.

AB       Though we’d prefer you to think of it in terms of performance, really. Writes ‘performance’ on whiteboard. With both labour and commerce in its name, the term workshop… you understand… it channels certain… expectations… a pressure to be productive. writes ‘pressure to be productive’

AA       But at the end of the day we are here to be productive. Nobody wants to waste their time, right? grins with aggressive vitality and walks away to change the slide. Moves to a side stretch.

AB       Sure Ann.

AA       Our goal for today is to give you the tools you need to create the perfect performance: persona, intuition, practice, inspiration, direction, reflection, and a strong ending. to AB Have you been scribing this?

AB    Well, there’s no need to scribe Ann as these are already on the slide. I think it’s important that we both participate at this point. Writes down ‘participate’. AA turns around.

AA    It’s so important to participate equally. That’s what makes me and Ann a great team.

AB       Yes! Takes note of ‘great team’.

Work in progress, performed at the Pipe Factory on the 11th December 2018 and currently in development for Present Futures (CCA Glasgow, 7th - 9th June)

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