Anna Danielewicz (1991) is an artist based in Glasgow. Coming from a background in performance, her practice is now rooted in writing, radio and the workshop format. Anna is a member of the programming committee of Market Gallery. She has studied Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art (2016), and Theatre Practices at Glasgow University (2018). She is currently working on a prose fiction project to do with lovesickness and teenage speech.
The Ayn Rand Institute gets bailed out by the taxpayer - Tomorrow's Transmissions, Soundart Radio
Superspreader – poetry and image zine, self-published
Matinee – broadcast series, Withkin Radio
Garden Party – performance, Abbeyhill Primary School
Lip, belly, foot – ceramics and movement workshop, Scottish Sculpture Workshop
Voun Town – publication / group show, Platform at Edinburgh Art Festival
an orca is way too large to attach unless as a jpeg – poetry pamphlet, SPAM Press
Performore! – performance, Present Futures, CCA Glasgow

It’s fine to say no – performance workshop, Gilmorehill Theatre, Glasgow
Shh! The Octopus – performance at the Pipe Factory, Glasgow

Autocue – exhibition and performance at Intermedia Gallery, CCA Glasgow
Save the Death Star – performance at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
The weather channel – performance at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

It's hard to be down when you're up – exhibition at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
Not Impressed – screening at Hidden Door, Edinburgh
U-turn! – movement workshop at La Fragua, Andalusia, Spain
Poor Choices – performance, Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show
Sticky in-game situation – series of roleplaying workshops, Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh; Turf Projects, London; Nottingham Contemporary

Swee Fatt – exhibition at Kampung Ali, Edinburgh
A general warmup of all faculties – performance workshop series hosted by MilesKm, London
Shift & Spin
– exhibition at Stanley Mills, Perthshire
Low Risk Occupiers – exhibition at St Margaret's House, Edinburgh

ABSURD MODE – exhibition at Coburg House, Edinburgh
Like a Coma – exhibition at Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin

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