It's Hard to be Down when You're Up

Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh

16th September - 2nd October 2016

Cat Regime hijacks the format of a book tour to tell the story of the protagonist’s journey through a technocratic purgatory. In a society governed by nuns and lampposts, people need to cover their heads with noodle hats and can only move around in groups of three. The majority of time is spent chopping up old furniture to carve out pegs, which function as a survivalist currency directly tied to manual labour. The act of making eventually serves to redeem the inhabitants of this twilight world by uniting them into workers’ co-operatives. The performance takes place on, around and beneath an especially designed platform, culminating in a basketball layup inspired by Jean Jacques Rousseau’s school of perseverance (‘These were all just warm-ups; now I’m gonna try for serious. I got up real close so there was no way I could miss it, and as easy as that – I got the ball over the hoop’).

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