Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

10th February 2017

Varying between its interpretations as a cosmic force, social grease and the ultimate banality, the forecast embraced the weather as one of the few commonalities we grudgingly share in the post-truth era. As observed by Walter Benjamin, ‘Nothing bores the ordinary man more than the cosmos’. And yet it seems important that no matter what we do, or where we are, we are all under the same firmament, which is either blue or not. Devised while on residency at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, the forecast percolated through the artist’s news-reading habit and tackled pressing questions such as the likelihood of selling a framed drawing to a collector and possible links between ingesting spirulina and learning to love again fast.

Voice acting: Emilia Borowik

Image credit: Anna Danielewicz and Serafima Mehhovits

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