drugie danie

engages with an expanded understanding of performance, investigating how this notion frames artistic production under neoliberalism. Under the guise of a training workshop set up to help artists amplify, maximise, utilise and, ultimately, capitalise on their performance, Performore! draws on the tools of the capitalist workplace in order to exhaust them and expose their redundancy.

Led by two belligerent performers / self-appointed HR trainers (both called Ann) the performance involves animal-fronted psychometrics, managerial mantras and spectacular use of fruit. As the Anns attempt to adhere to the six rules of making performance (persona, intuition, practice, inspiration, direction and reflection), the involvement of the audience gradually increases until they are invited to determine the ending for themselves. The piece embraces an accelerationist view by which the future has already happened and the only cure appears to be more of the same. Subversive use of familiar tropes and routines functions as an open-ended question, pointing to something that is fundamentally irresolvable: the contradictions inherent to undertaking artistic labour in a capitalist context. As the rules of performance are discussed, re-evaluated and broken, the possibility of dissent is built into the performance – although something else may emerge if that possibility is not realised.

Performed with Annie Lowry Thomas as part of Present Futures at CCA Glasgow on 8th June 2019.

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